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the financial education website managed by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.  Just like a best friend, Your Money's Best Friend provides commercial free, unbiased information, tools, and local resources to help you make the most of your money.  There is a wide array of money topics and life events to learn about and use to make good choices for you and your family!

New to the site or don’t know where to begin? 
Check out the Framework for Building Your Financial House. The framework is a guide to what everyone should know (and do!) in order to build their financial house.  It’s a great place to start!  


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Building a financial house
is just like building a physical house.

1. A well-built financial house starts with a strong foundation of investing in yourself, using the blocks of education, developing new skills, and recognizing opportunities.

2. The walls of a financial house represent earnings, built up from the foundation and maximized by using all resources and employee benefits available.

3.  Spend sensibly to fill your home with the things you need; overspending can result in both physical and financial chaos.  Manage cash so it's easier to keep things in order.

4.  Checking the insulation can minimize a house's hidden heat loss, just as checking taxes can minimize dollars being lost to tax benefits overlooked.

5.  Much like adding an extra room in the attic, you can expand your financial house by making all of the money you have work for you.

6.  Just as the roof protects your physical house, protect your financial potential by having a cash savings for emergencies, managing risks, and being an informed consumer.

7.  Finally, only borrow to buy things (assets) that will grow and feed your financial future, like the seeds of a fruit tree.  Borrowing in excess, similiar to overwatering a seedling, can slow your financial growth, weigh it down, or drown it out.


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