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Teaching Your Kids About Money

For a surprising number of adults, what we know about money results from the sum of our experiences - both good and bad.  Many of us want to help our kids avoid our own pitfalls and to grow up with financial confidence and good money habits.  So, just as we teach them to walk and talk, we are our kids' first teachers about money, as well.

You don’t have to necessarily schedule a specific time to discuss money with your kids or use a formal lesson plan.  And don’t worry about having all the answers.  Chances are your 7-year-old isn’t going to ask you to explain the Federal Reserve or interpret the latest economic indicators.  If you can get the basics across to your kids, they’ll know more than many adults.

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20 Things Kids Need to Know
Developed by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, Money As You Grow provides 20 essential, age-appropropriate financial lessons - with corresponding activities - that kids need to know as they grow. Learn more...

Elmo Teaches Financial Skills
Even preschoolers can learn financial basics like saving, sharing and spending. Sesame Workshop and PNC's Grow Up Great initiative provide videos, podcasts and activities for parents and caregivers on the For Me, For You, For Later website. Learn more...

Be a MoneyWise Parent
The Schwab MoneyWise website offers parents and teachers information, tools and resources on teaching kids about money.  Learn more...

Through the Years
360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, a program of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, has helpful hints on teaching about money.  Learn more...

Become a Money Teacher
Visa offers Practical Money Skills for Life, a free website with step-by-step lesson plans for explaining money concepts to kids from pre-school to high school.  Learn more...

Expert Advice
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance writer Janet Bodnar fields questions from parents about money and kids.  Learn more...

  • Right on the Money - A family financial education program.
  • Financial Entertainment - Learn and have fun at the same time with these games from D2D. Challenge your friends. (Link opens in a new browser window or tab)
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