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Hands-On Activities

Teaching kids about money could be boring, but you’re not going to let that happen.  Each day provides unique opportunities to pass on valuable financial lessons.

What Is Money?
Young children can learn about money values and denominations using real bills and coins or play money.  Start with naming the different currencies, then how much they're worth.  Show that it takes five pennies to equal a nickel, two nickels for a dime, and so on. 

The Price of Things
A car costs more than a pack of gum.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Building on your child’s understanding of what money is, explain how much money it takes to buy certain things.

The Power of Plastic
Chances are you have at least one credit or debit card.  As your kids get older, explain to your child that even though you’re not physically handing over cash to a clerk, you’re still spending money.

The Magic Money Dispenser
To a child, an ATM machine can seem like just that.  Explain that banks are places where people can put some of their money to keep it safe.  An ATM is a way of getting some of your when you need it.

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Have Fun
The website A to Z Kid Stuff is packed with activities you can do with your kids.  Learn more...

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