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Kids & Money

Kids and Money FULL

There’s so much for young people to learn about money!  Do your kids know everything they should?  According to many experts, the answer is no.  In 2004, nearly 65% of high school seniors failed a financial literacy survey by the Jump$tart Coalition.  As bad as that sounds, it’s actually an improvement over recent years.

In this section of, you’ll get advice for talking to young people about money, along with activities and games to make learning fun.

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Financial Facts of Life
The FDIC provides some tips for explaining the financial facts of life to your kids. Learn more...

Tips and Tactics
This short article from the website of the PBS program That Money Show gives some advice on getting started. Learn more...

A Parent’s Challenge explains why you should take time to teach your kids about money. Learn more...

Start Early
Kids can understand the value of money before they learn to add or subtract, so start teaching them young, says CNN Money.
Learn more...

Because Greenspan Says So
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says kids need to learn money management early — or pay later. Learn more...

How to Save & Invest
Ebony Magazine explains how to teach children the importance of saving and investing. Learn more...



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Financial Entertainment - Learn and have fun at the same time with these games from D2D. Challenge your friends.

Flex Some Fiscal Muscle - Check out Visa and the NFL's Financial Football Training Camp - Play Ball (link opens in a new window)

Games for Kids - Use this link to play learning games about money.

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